I am the product of two Nigerian parents. I was born in America. Being a first generation American, I have taken these unique influences of two very charismatic cultures to create The African King.

Navigating the dynamic experiences of two cultures, I hope to share my story of how I’ve journeyed through life using fashion, art, music and culture as my compass.

These are the viewpoints of an African n’ America.

I have the pleasure of working in Marketing as a Director of  Social Media.

I am the Co-Creator of The Royal Connect, an experiential marketing unit that connects individuals in the African Diaspora, our goal is to “expand the diaspora and connect you to people that do things” and last but not least, I am the owner of Pidgin English Co. a clothing brand influenced by African culture, expressed through garments.

Through my experiences I’ve worked with ACANA for their annual ACANA Festival as the lead social media coordinator, which has featured Flavour and Davido as headline artists. I’ve worked on various projects for brands such as KSwiss, Qualcomm and Macy’s as well.

Motto: “Create What You Want To See” and I hope to inspire other African youth to pursue their creative dreams and further the growing story of the African diaspora.

Contact me Online: Twitter Instgram Tumblr

EMAIL: Olu (@) theafricanking.com