African Inspired men’s clothing (in America)

Getting dressed is an expression of self. Whether you’re cozy boy chic or loafers and polo shirts or Americano preppy. You have options to fit your mood for the day.

Now if we take a look at the consistent influx of African immigrants we now see traditional African prints being converted into “American” fashions. This has been very apparent in women’s fashion. From pencil skirts to peplum tops women have options. Now if we look on the men’s side there aren’t as many options in the same variety.

I’m not sure if it’s because women shop more for clothes or if dudes just aren’t in the know about what’s out there but with the increase in men’s shopping habits and trends showing that men are looking for more options to dress up and dress down their fit, there is a lot of room for growth in the men’s department.

Whether you want something for yourself or you’re that person looking for a gift that will help the man in your life stand out, here is the definitive guide to African inspired men’s clothing in America. (in no particular order)

We will start with the simplest men’s fashion archetype: Hypebeast

These brands offer tanks, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and hats. You can wear your yeezys, jordans, Levi’s, or nudie jeans with these brands. These brand offer clever graphic tees allow you to rep your culture in a nice stylish way. Whether you like Wale or Wizkid these brands will give you great garments to represent your country and culture.



Pigdin English Co. – (disclaimer – this is my brand)

West A Lifestyle

The next men’s fashion archetype we will look at is a mix of traditional and what I will call Afri-jetsetter. These brands offer African prints in American fashion silhouettes. If you want a vibrant matching top and bottom set or just want a clever bottom up short sleeve for an Everyday People party or brunch with the ladies.

Allen and Fifth


Motherland Krooks


The last archetype is a mix of goth ninja and sprezz. These brands offer cuts for those moments when you want to dress things up and give a lot of culture all in one.

Ikire Jones

Tinz Clothing


Extra Credit –  Two Brands offer much needed accessories to add to your fit.

Rome and Tale – Jewelry

Herds of the Father – leather goods


All these brands were created by Africans in America. Please support these brands!