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I had the opportunity to speak to Temple students about being a new age Trailblazer. It was a very humbling experience to say the least. I was asked to share the knowledge I have gathered from starting a couple brands and putting together events targeted at the African Diaspora.


Taking notes is key


Finally got to meet Fola in person!



One time for the Photographer  and team natural hair lol




Now with the power of the internet, a computer, a camera, or phone you can create your own lane and gain access to the world with enough work. The playing field has definitely changed from the standard being working a 9-5 job for a corporation to be able to do what you love to where now you can do what you love and large corporations will pay you to do whatever you want. This has caused a shift in how the youth see themselves and their future especially for a lot of African youth in the diaspora.

Our parents moved for better opportunities and a brighter future for their children. Now that future is us, and the jobs we want aren’t what they imagined. For some this has a big struggle to explain to their parents that they would not finish school or that they have decided to do something creative with their talents. Leaving traditional jobs in the dust many African youth have placed their efforts in pursuing jobs that have a bit or uncertainty but a lot of reward in pursuing dreams.

At the core your parents just want to know that you have a plan and have thought out your ideas on how to be a creative or a person that is self-employed.

Photo Cred: Mzizi Media

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