Organized Mess

In such a digital world pen and paper still have great need and use. My mom spent most of my high school years telling me to write down a schedule. Was I able to stick to it? No, but I was young and dumb. As I’ve grown and really taken time to think of the best way to hold onto to my ideas I’ve grown to value the simplicity and ease of pencil and paper.

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I know every cool dude/ hipster/ influencer probably made you thinking about getting a small field notes. I thought about it as well but half of them didn’t have lines and I wasn’t about that life at the time. Well after fight myself for some time I finally got around to get a bunch of composition books, notebooks, journals etc.

One of the most valuable things I learned from writing my thoughts and ideas down, was that I was able to empty my brain in a sense. If you have ever said, I thought of that” and then see someone else make it reality then you know what time talking about. (Your ideas are just a remix of something else so there is at the very least one or two other people thinking of the exact same idea as you)

Second, notebooks have allowed me to organize my ideas. I’ve had many times when I was broke and all I had was time. Rather than just sitting waiting for money I wrote my ideas down, this was during the early stages of my first clothing brand. I still have those books and can use them as a reference. I would suggest having notebooks for one specific idea. If you want to start a brand, create an app, or just a bucket list of plans for your future. This allows you to brain dump in a sense.

Thirdly, Notebooks increase the potential of you actually acting on what you have written. I know your phone is in your hand or close to 70 percent of the day and you probably have a few apps that allow you take notes anywhere but, nothing really beats the ability to reflect on old notes. Please don’t pass a jump drive to your child on your life. One book of notes would be something very interesting and tangible to share.

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It’s still the first quarter and I know you have big plans for the year. What I’ve learned is being organized is key and sticking to a plan is very important to proper execution of your plans. Hopefully you pick up a notebook before the first quarter ends

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Let me know what you use to gather your ideas, thoughts and plans!

Black Forest Gummy Bears are the best hands down… this is not up for discussion!


  • I agree, there’s something about writing down your thoughts and/or goals. It’s a habit I began a few years ago and I’ve gotten better at.I had to invested in a few good notebooks to stay organized. As you mentioned, writing things (goals) down has a way of activating something within you that helps with the pursuit and hopefully the achievement of those goals.
    Good post!

  • I agree with writing in journals and planners. I am a visual person, so if I write it down I cab hold myself accountable to executing the idea, goal, etc.

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