As some of you may know I recently won the Remix Ideas “Ideas with Impact” Competition. I’m elated!

I want to share a little backstory. So over a month ago, I started a personal “campaign” for myself entitled 56Nights where I committed to working on something I’m passionate about for 56 nights straight. Why 56Nights, well one the Future mixtape and his output during that time catapulted him past Pluto (sorry corny joke but Future just did a Gap ad with Cher) and because of the saying, ‘whats done in the dark comes to light”. So I prayed stepped out on faith and just did the work to get closer to the life I really want to live.

So this is my praise report of sorts. The ups and downs of an “aspiring” entrepreneur are ruff. One you’re trying to make a dream come true and then you tell people and get all excited and then nothing happens. Then you keep going trying to make at least one thing ‘pop” to make things make sense and nothing happens. Then your family and friends don’t want to hear you talk about your dream because there aren’t too many real fruits of your labor. Then fear and doubt find its way throughout the process of trying to build something and sometimes you don’t know whether to give up or not. Hell some of you know I had The African King as a clothing brand and gave up which was mind-blowing at the time. I can say I’ve learned A LOT from this whole process and I’m very thankful for it all!

Three Tips:

  1. You are your only competition, but be aware of who is in your space
  2. Do the Work
  3. Your time is YOUR time

If you follow me on Instagram you since the pics but I can only imagine some are wondering what the idea is!

Learn more about TRIBE below.